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Stevia is an herb which comes from South-America. The herb's speciality that is has naturally sweet leaves. This fact could not be hidden for long, native people found the plant, started using it and the word got spread...

This happened decades ago, however, Stevia still has a great reputation as of today and a constantly growing consumer range all over the world. Stevia have been used as a sweetener in Asia for years, and recently Australia and the USA got green light for the use of the extracts as sweeteners.

Plants of different areas could have slightly dissimilar taste and sweeteness, which depend on the clime where the plant has been grown and also the techology how the extract was made. Stevia products are available in powder, liquid and tablette forms and also as ground leaves. Each type of Stevia products have different taste and use, some of them are 30 times sweeter than sugar, while some are even 300 times. Find out what fits the most to your needs. :-)


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Stevia syrup (50ml)

Stevia sweeteners are totally natural, contain no calorie, their glycemic index is 0 and you can use them to cook and bake almost anything (even pastries or cakes).

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Our Stevia syrup is a dark liquid. It is made by cooking the leaves of many Stevia plants and extract the water out of it with destillation. The product has high quality. 2 drops equal to a spoonfull of sugar (15g) approximately.

Stevia syrup (50ml)